Extended Hand Ministries
21 October 2019
Equipping the Saints for Life and Ministry

King of Kings Uganda

Silas and Nicola Tayebwa            

 Pastors Silas & Nicola Tayebwa bring together a blend of cultures,     spiritual gifting, ministry anointing  and experience to form a unique ministry team.

 Silas, a Ugandan by birth, grew as a young man deeply rooted in the culture and lifestyle of his people. When he met Jesus, God released a powerful evangelistic anointing that has seen many thousands come to Christ. The unusual gift mix of evangelist and intercessor results in many miracles of healing and deliverance during his evangelistic and healing crusades.

 British born, Nicola, carried a heart burden for Uganda from the early 90’s. However, it was not until 2002 that God led her to commence her ministry in this land. Her gifts in administration and teaching have touched many through radio, television and face to face ministry.

Married in 2005, Silas and Nicola live in the south western city of Mbarara. In addition to serving as associate pastors in a local church, the have an extensive evangelistic outreach ministry that reaches the most remote parts of Uganda. Testimonies abound of people of meeting the Lord, finding healing or experiencing the power of God through signs, wonders and miracles.

Walk through the town of Mbarara with one of them and you are soon aware that their ministry  touches every strata of society. People who never venture into a church respect these two and the Lord they serve.

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